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     We hear of athletes, entertainers and individuals who receive large sums of money literally lose a fortune due to poor financial decisions.  What if they had someone who they could talk to that did not need a power of attorney or access to their funds to assist?  What if they could consult about financial decisions with someone who is only interested in assisting the with specific financial problems or questions without any strings attached?  

     That is what we can help you out with at Gold Financial Consulting.  We can evaluate your market value prior to signing a long-term contract, we can help you develop a strategy for saving money to ensure you do not end up losing all of the millions you worked so hard to receive.    We can be that individual who advises your friends and family that you are not able to invest in their business at this time.  In short, we are here to tailor our services to fit your individual or small business financial needs.  This is your calling to keep balling. 
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