Q         Why should I spend $99.00 dollars, how can you help me?


A          We give an MBA guarantee meaning that a person with a master’s in business administration will review your account and ensure that our suggestions if followed can work to significantly improve your financial situation.  Our focus is giving you the guidance you can use to get a career of your choice and or buy the things you want in life like a house, car or vacation home.  Think about it this way, we want to fundamentally change how you spend and earn money, doing this can help you make tens of thousands more dollars each year.  We also want to help you learn how to save your money in a way that can help change your life.  If you follow the guidance in your personalized financial plan and budget, you can achieve your dreams.




Q         Okay, I received my financial plan and I have some questions who do I contact?


A          With each purchase of a budget and individual financial plan we will have a consulting meeting to discuss you, your plan and your financial success.  We also can have monthly touch points to help keep you focused and on track.




Q         I just uploaded my information and I really want my budget and personal financial plan; is there any way you can rush it to me?


A          While we work as fast as we can our policy is first come first serve basis.



Q         I want to move to a new city; I am curious how you are going to help me?


A          Moving to a new city can be exciting, when you pick an address close to where you want to move, we will suggest jobs where you can apply and also contact information for rentals and businesses where you can apply for a job. 


Q         Can you help me lower my bills?


A          When we do your personalized report, we look at your expenses and when we think you can save money, we will provide you with the contact information of the business that we think can save you money.